With the Lightground RGB aquarium screen your tank will shine with many colours

Lightground RGB

Thanks to two independent sections of RGB tapes, we can control independently the lower and upper part of the panel so as to obtain a wide range of gradients. This solution allows for virtually unlimited mixing of two colours between themselves.

Control is done using the application on the phone (Tuya / Smart Life), which allows you to create schedules, and enable different lighting effects.

Despite the fact that this is a colour panel, it also has the ability to shine white as a standard Lightground.

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Lightground PRO

Extremely simple installation that will take you a few minutes. Just hang the screen on the hooks on the back wall of the aquarium.
Panels come standard with a blue and white gradient and dimmer with an on/off button.

Gradient Films

Lightgroung Gradient Films comes in two versions; non-transparent for every tank and highly transparent to use with background light.

Colour options: green/yellow, orange/green and blue/white.

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