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Introducing the second generation of the Skylight Hyperspot Aquarium Light - the ultimate choice for discerning aquarists seeking powerful and modern LED lighting for their freshwater or marine aquariums.

Featuring cutting-edge lens technology, the Skylight Hyperspot focuses RGB light to produce rich and vivid colours that enhance the natural beauty of your aquatic plants, fish and corals. With a PAR value well above average, this light provides the perfect environment for your aquatic life to thrive.

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The SKYLIGHT AQI Intense series lamps produce vivid colours, and their spectral emission is characteristic for RGB lamps. What is unique and innovative about this RGB aquarium light is the broadening of the spectrum with deep and far red, which deeply penetrates plant tissue allowing shaded parts of plants to photosynthesize too

AQI Intense series will please beginner and the advanced owner of a nature planted aquarium but is also adjustable to different biotope projects.

Lamps are manufactured in 3 sizes versions equipped with holders.

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