Let us inspire your creativity with the vast array of sands and gravels available. You can even experiment mixing our sands, even with our gravels, biotope beds, and other décor materials to create your own unique and personalized riverbed, enhancing the natural beauty of your aquarium or terrarium.

WIO Sands

With WIO Sands, the possibilities for creating a unique and beautiful natural environment are endless.

At WIO, we offer a full palette of sands, ranging from pristine white to deep black, covering all tones in between. Our sands are carefully selected for their quality and texture, ensuring that they not only look stunning but also provide a natural environment for your aquatic or terrestrial creatures.

WIO Gravels

At WIO, we understand that every detail matters when creating a natural and beautiful habitat for your aquatic or terrestrial creatures. Our gravels comprise rock fragments ranging in size from small pebbles to larger stones. They come in various colours and textures, from smooth and polished to rough and jagged, to suit a variety of setups.

WIO Riverbeds

Our Riverbeds are crafted using various natural materials such as sand, gravel, stones, shells, and botanicals. These elements combine to create a harmonious composition that mimics real riverbeds' texture, colour, and diversity. The result is a visually stunning and biologically enriching environment that promotes the health and well-being of your aquatic inhabitants.


We understand that natural materials truly express creativity in habitat creation. Stones and wood transcend their generic nature to become sculptural masterpieces that capture everyone's gaze. Our Hardscape line is the epitome of excellence, offering a comprehensive selection of Stones, Boulders, Nano Rocks and Nano Boulders.

While technical components such as filters and illumination often receive the lion's share of the budget, the natural materials and their composition determine the outcome, beauty, and satisfaction of a habitat.

Each of our hardscapes is meticulously handpicked from their places of origin, with collectors selecting only the finest textures, shapes, and colours that align with our stringent quality standards. This ensures an outstanding level of quality for our esteemed clients.


Our stones serve as stunning visual elements and play a vital role in crafting a natural environment for your habitats.
Each stone is carefully handpicked to ensure the highest quality standards are met. By understanding the science behind each type of rock, such as igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic, you can make informed choices to achieve high-end results. With our Stones, you can unleash your creativity and build stunning, natural scapes that provide a true sense of harmony and beauty for your aquatic or terrestrial companions.

A comprehensive range of stones, meticulously selected for their quality, size, colour, and texture. Our collection of Stones is a testament to the power of nature's beauty, bringing authenticity and visual appeal to your habitat.

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Boulders reflect the dynamic nature of the Earth's transformative forces. Like rolling stones, these magnificent creations have undergone a remarkable journey shaped by the gentle touch of natural processes. Nature softens rocks into boulders through the power of erosion and weathering. Over time, wind, water, and other environmental factors gradually wear away the rough edges and refine the surfaces of these stones. The ceaseless flow of rivers, the crashing waves of the sea, and the caress of wind-blown sand all contribute to the sculpting process, gradually rounding and smoothing the once-jagged rocks into boulders.

Each Boulder in our collection carries the unique markings and textures that tell the tale of its metamorphosis. From the gentle curves to the polished surfaces, these stones bear witness to the patient artistry of nature.

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