ADA Phyton Git Plus 50ml

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Unrivalled in the fight against plant diseases and BGA algae.

Phyton Git does not contain any chemical ingredients.

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Welcome to a new era of aquascaping excellence with PHYTON GIT PLUS, the ultimate plant health solution from Aqua Design Amano (ADA). Designed for discerning aquarists and hobbyists alike, PHYTON GIT PLUS is more than just a plant supplement—it's a catalyst for vibrant growth, enhanced disease resistance, and unparalleled aquatic beauty.

At the heart of PHYTON GIT PLUS lies a carefully crafted blend of plant extracts rich in antiseptic components. These components not only nourish your aquatic plants but also play a crucial role in enhancing their natural defenses against diseases. Additionally, the advanced formula of PHYTON GIT PLUS incorporates active ingredients that further boost its antiseptic and antibacterial effects, ensuring a thriving and disease-free environment for your aquatic flora.

One of the key benefits of PHYTON GIT PLUS is its ability to stimulate plants to produce their own antiseptic components. This proactive approach not only strengthens plant health but also contributes to long-term disease prevention, making your aquascape more resilient and sustainable. Whether you're dealing with aquatic fern disease or combating the growth of blue-green algae, PHYTON GIT PLUS provides a comprehensive solution to keep your plants healthy and your aquarium pristine.

Experience the transformative power of PHYTON GIT PLUS and witness your aquascape flourish like never before. With regular use, you'll notice increased vitality, vibrant colors, and improved overall plant health. Elevate your aquascaping journey with ADA's PHYTON GIT PLUS and create a captivating underwater world that mesmerizes and inspires.


Application: 1 drop daily per 20 l aquarium water to prevent diseases. In case of blue-green algae infestation, apply 1ml directly to the affected areas.