ADA Phyton Git SOL 100ml

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Say goodbye to blue-green algae (BGA) woes with Phyton Git SOL! This powerful antibacterial agent, derived from Phyton Git PLUS, harnesses the potency of plant extracts to provide efficient and long-lasting BGA control for your aquascape.

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Phyton Git SOL stands as a formidable shield against blue-green algae (BGA), developed by Aqua Design Amano (ADA) to tackle BGA infestations with precision and effectiveness. Building upon the success of Phyton Git PLUS, Phyton Git SOL is formulated with potent plant extracts enriched with antiseptic components, delivering a targeted approach to combat BGA outbreaks.

What sets Phyton Git SOL apart is its exceptional efficiency in directly treating affected areas, ensuring rapid and thorough BGA control. Its unique formulation, characterized by increased viscosity and acidity compared to Phyton Git PLUS, prolongs its efficacy, offering extended exposure time for optimal results. This enhanced viscosity not only improves dosage options but also ensures a longer duration of action, providing a robust defense against BGA proliferation.

As an effective BGA control agent from ADA, Phyton Git SOL can be conveniently applied directly to affected areas, making it a user-friendly solution for aquascaping enthusiasts. Its status as a sister product of ADA Phyton Git PLUS highlights its compatibility and synergistic benefits within ADA's comprehensive aquascaping ecosystem.

Experience the next level of BGA control with Phyton Git SOL and safeguard the beauty and health of your aquascape. With its targeted approach, prolonged efficacy, and user-friendly application, Phyton Git SOL is your ally in combating BGA and maintaining a thriving aquatic environment.

Empower your aquascaping journey with ADA's advanced BGA control solution - Phyton Git SOL, because your aquascape deserves the best defense against BGA intrusion.


In case of affliction, first suction away the existing blue-green algae - as good as possible - using a tube and then apply the product directly to the affected areas. The 100 ml container comes with a practical dropper. If the base pane is beset, squirt the product directly into the substrate. In case of recurring infestation, the treatment may be applied for several days.

Phyton Git SOL is strongly dosed and very acidic. If behavioural anomalies occur in fish or shrimp, plants turn off-colour or even lose their colour completely; it is necessary to change the water immediately. Phyton Git SOL is not a prophylactic product, but a targeted emergency measure. The sister product Phyton Git PLUS is suitable for preventing plant diseases.