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The OXYPRO membrane aerator is probably the most silent device in the world. Additionally, OXYPRO can push air 2m below the water surface, which makes it excellent for deep aquariums.

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OXYPRO QUIET 150 is a modern, ultra-quiet aerator for aquariums. Although aquarium filters partially took over the function of water aeration in the last decade, the aerator is still the essential equipment recommended for every aquarium. Its functionality is defined by two characteristics: efficiency and loudness of operation.

The OXYPRO QUIET 150 is virtually inaudible. The effect was achieved by the unique construction of the electromagnet and double walls of the enclosure. All of the vibrations are dampened by the body consisting of a few independent, accurately connected elements. They dampen not only the noise but also the movement, thanks to which OXYPRO QUIET is quiet and does not change its position due to emitted vibrations (it is a common affliction of many models of aerators). In practice, the only manifestation of the OXYPRO QUIET operation is an illuminated LED and a stream of bubbles floating in the tank.

The maximum efficiency of the OXYPRO QUIET 150 is as much as 150 l/h. It can be easily adjusted using a large, ergonomic knob to adapt the aerator operation intensity to the needs of a particular aquarium. Furthermore, the OXYPRO QUIET 150 aerator is adapted to be used in extremely deep aquariums – it can push air as much as 2 m below the water's surface.

An additional advantage of OXYPRO QUIET is its modern look: the double, yet transparent, casing allows one to see the device's insides, including its moving membrane.

OXYPRO QUIET is the perfect solution for aquarists valuing the highest comfort of using aquarium equipment and the superior quality of its manufacture combined with innovative technical solutions.


SKU AEL112453
Aquarium Capacity [L] <200
Power [W] 2
Efficiency [L/h] 150
Max Head [mm] 2000
Dimensions [WxDxH] 156 x 79 x 100
Hoses Diamieter [mm] 4/6
Performance Adjustment YES


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