AQUAEL Canister Filter ULTRAMAX 1000

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ULTRAMAX is a technologically advanced canister filter whose design is based on patented solutions that guarantee exceptional comfort of use, perfect water clarity, and optimum water parameters even in the most demanding aquariums.

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ULTRAMAX – innovative, technologically advanced canister filters employing patented solutions. They are extraordinarily user-friendly and can be used in virtually any tank to purify water and maintain the required water parameters. It can be used in freshwater and marine aquariums. 

Unprecedented performance – the ULTRAMAX filters boast a high water flow rate (max. 1000 up to 2000 l/h) and can efficiently operate even in very large tanks (up to 700 l). In addition, being very capacious, they can hold large quantities of filter media. The filters are supplied with a complete set of filter media carefully selected to meet the needs of a typical aquarium. Filter media are placed in handy ergonomic baskets with a capacity of 1.9 l each (depending on the model, the number of baskets is 3 to 5). This guarantees extremely efficient mechanical and biological filtration.

Inbuilt pre-filter – the first of its kind in the market. It is designed to capture course mechanical impurities before getting inside the filter. A big sponge pre-filter is built into each ULTRAMAX filter's lid (with a capacity of ca. 0.6 l). In this way, the pre-filter protects the device from clogging, which reduces the required frequency of cleaning to a minimum. Instead, washing the pre-filter sponge in tap water is sufficient. This only takes a few minutes and does not require disconnecting the filter from the power supply or taking it out of the aquarium stand.

Exceptionally quiet operation: the excellent design of the pump rotor and the rotor chamber – grounded in more than thirty years of experience with AQUAEL'S engineering team – and the use of a ceramic rotor shaft results in virtually noiseless operation. For this reason, the filter can be freely used in any room, even in a bedroom.

Exceptionally low power consumption – AQUAEL cares about the natural environment and helps its customers save money. That is why the innovative ULTRAMAX filters consume very little energy, which means lower electricity bills for aquarium keepers. The ULTRAMAX 2000 model only consumes 24 W per hour!

Safety of operation – the water inlets and outlets in the ULTRAMAX filters are equipped with dual ball-valves that are extremely reliable. The valves prevent even the smallest water leaks and allow the hoses to be easily and quickly disconnected from the filter when it has to undergo cleaning and maintenance.

The ULTRAMAX product line includes three filter models (ULTRAMAX 1000, 1500, and 2000) with a throughput capacity of 1000 up to 2000 l/h.

Product advantages:

  • the large volume of filter media creates ideal conditions for the growth of beneficial nitrifying bacteria
  • inbuilt pre-filter ensures long operation without the need for cleaning
  • free configuration of filter media
  • fine performance control makes it easy to adjust the rate of operation to the user's needs
  • self-priming mode at the start-up
  • exceptionally quiet operation thanks to the use of a ceramic rotor shaft
  • integrated cut-off valves
  • suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums

ULTRAMAX FILTER 1000 1500 2000
SKU AEL121893 AEL121831 AEL121832
Aquarium Capacity [L] 100 - 300 250 - 450 400 - 700
Power [W] 15 16 24
Efficiency [L/h] 1000 1500 2000
Max Head [cm] 190 200 240
Dimensions [WxDxH mm] 270x290x400 270x290x455 270x290x510
Hoses Diameter [mm] 16/22 16/22 19/25
Bucket Capacity [L] 11 13.5 16
Basket Capacity [L] 1.9 1.9 1.9
Number of Baskets 3 4 5
Performance Adjustment
Adjustment of the direction of the water outlet
Complete set (plug&enjoy)
Build-in Prefilter
Self-priming mechanism
Mechanical media in a set
Biological media in a set


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