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Hang-on filters with a time-proven performance. Much more efficient than internal filters and does not take up space in the tank. The VERSAMAX filters are supplied with removable containers, making them easy to clean. Performance is adjustable in a wide range. Equally perfect for both small and large aquariums.

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VERSAMAX is an external hang-on filter designed for the filtration and aeration of water in regular-sized and nano-aquariums. Thanks to its high throughput capacity, the filter guarantees intensive aquarium water filtration while requiring very little space. The filter is very quiet and easy to use. 

Mode of functioning

The pump draws water from the lower part of the tank; the water flows through the filter cartridges and is released back into the aquarium. The pumping capacity can be adjusted within a wide range using a dial located on the top of the flow-through unit. The angle of inclination of the filter is also adjustable.

Components of the standard package

Each package includes a filter lid, a flow-through unit, and a container for filter media with a sponge cartridge. The VERSAMAX filter is completely watertight because the container is made of one piece.

Filter media

The standard set of cartridges for the VERSAMAX filter includes a sponge cartridge made of a special phenol-free sponge. It constitutes a particularly favourable substrate for the growth of bacterial cultures employed to remove organic impurities from the water. In this way, effective mechanical filtration is supplemented with excellent biological filtration. Filter cartridges can be freely combined or replaced with other filter media for biological or chemical filtration. Ensure individual media are arranged in equal layers in both parts of the filter baskets.


SKU AEL109863 AEL109864 AEL109865
Aquarium Capacity [L] 20 - 100 40 - 200 80 - 300
Power [W] 7.2 7.2 9.8
Efficiency [L/h] 500 800 1200
Dimensions [WxDxH] 160x130x225 225x150x235 288x160x235
Number of baskets 2 2 2
Performance adjustments
Complete set (plug&enjoy)
Mechanical media in a set


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