AQUAEL Internal Filter UNIFILTER UV 750

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UNI FILTER UV features ultraviolet light-emitting diodes. They help to keep the water crystal-clear and to provide the optimum living conditions for the inhabitants of the aquarium. The double sponge cartridge ensures uninterrupted operation even in the most demanding conditions. The extra container is used to expand the filter with additional biological or chemical media.

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AQUAEL UNIFILTER UV is designed to clean and aerate aquarium water. In addition to efficient water filtration, the device sterilises water using ultraviolet LEDs. This prevents the growth of floating algae, protozoa, and bacteria, which results in increased water clarity and a healthier environment for fish. UV LEDs can be switched on and off independently of the filter. UNIFILTER UV is easy to operate. Its performance can be adjusted using the dial formed by the rotor dome. The direction of water outflow can be changed by up to 90°.

UNIFILTER UV 500, 750 and 1000 have a ceramic rotor axis for even quieter operation and enhanced durability.

The UNIFILTER UV is designed with your aquarium's health in mind. The specially designed filter media chamber prevents water from flowing out of the filter and into the fish tank during water changes or when the filter is removed from the aquarium. This is crucial for maintaining a stable environment for your fish. To make maintenance easier, we provide two separate sponge cartridges that can be removed and cleaned in turns. This unique feature ensures that colonies of nitrifying bacteria, essential for nitrogen processes, are protected. For uninterrupted filtration, we recommend cleaning the sponge filter cartridges in turns and independently of each other.



UNI FILTER 500 750 1000
SKU AEL124030 AEL124031 AEL124032
Aquarium Capacity [L] 100-200 200 - 300 250 - 350
Power [W] 5 8 10.9
Efficiency [L/h] 500 750 1000
Dimensions [WxDxH] mm 58x99x222 67x112x255 67x112x308
Performance Adjustment
Adjustment of the direction of the water outlet
Complete set (plug&enjoy)
Mechanical media in a set


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