AQUARIO NEO CO2 Diffuser - Extended Original M

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Available in 3 sizes:
Small - ∅12mm / 100 L Tank
Medium - ∅17mm / 100-200 L Tank
Large - ∅24mm / <200 L Tank

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The AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffusers efficiently distribute CO2 in a planted aquarium. This NEO diffuser from Aquario features microscopically fine holes resulting in excellent bubble diffusion effectively spread into an entire aquarium, allowing aquatic plants to absorb CO2 properly. Sleek and sturdy, the Neo Diffuser is made from high-quality, transparent and durable polycarbonate.

The Aquario NEO CO2 Diffuser can be installed with rimless or rimmed aquariums. Similar to other diffusers, users can place it securely in the corner of a planted aquarium with the provided suction cup. Thanks to the small, discrete and elegant chamber, its presence in the tank does not interfere with the aquarium design.

Additional Information

  • To produce fine bubbles, soak the ceramic diffuser for 30 minutes in room-temperature water before use.
  • Attach the diffuser to the regulator, install it in the aquarium and slowly increase the pressure to the desired level.
  • The ideal working pressure is 10-30 PSI.
  • Over time, when bubbles begin getting larger, it is time to clean the diffuser. - Remove the diffuser from the aquarium, detach it from the regulator, and submerge it for 10 minutes in a 1:10 bleach solution (1 part of bleach for 10 part water). Then wash it under running water until all the bleach is removed.