AQUARIO NEO Solution 1 1000ml - Macronutrient Liquid Fertiliser

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N, K, Mg & P

Aquario Neo Solutions is a full line of liquid fertilisers intended to support and aid the growth of aquarium plants in a planted tank. With four different solutions, aquarists can choose a solution that tailors to their specific aquatic plants and aquarium needs.

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Aquario Neo Solution 1 is a liquid combination fertiliser for aquatic plants. It supplies the aquarium plants with the essential macronutrients; nitrogen N, potassium K, magnesium Mg and phosphorus P (in the form of phosphate).
Aquario Neo Solution 1 increases photosynthesis performance and ensures rapid plant growth. Deficiency symptoms, indicated by holey leaves and leaf discolouration, are prevented.

A combined application with Neo Solution 2, Neo Solution K and Neo Solution Fe of the AQUARIO fertiliser series is recommended.


Aquario Neo Solution 1 should be dosed directly into the aquarium every 3 days.

Fertilisation should not be started earlier than 30 days after restarting the aquarium.

300ml - One pump = 1 ml
1000ml - One cup = 10ml

Dosage every 3 days

Aquarium maintenance: 1 ml per 20 l water
For fast plant growth: 3 ml per 20 l water *
Low light plant aquarium: 1 ml per 20 l water
Colour formation and balanced growth: 2 ml per 20 l water

* Regular water changes required

The stated dosages refer to a supplementary application of Neo Solution 2, Neo Solution Fe and Neo Solution K according to their dosage recommendations.

The dosage is only a guide value and can be altered depending on the aquarium to obtain optimum values. However, 30 - 50% of a water change should be carried out weekly to prevent individual nutrients from accumulating in the tank.

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • If algae problems occur, the amount of fertiliser should be reduced, and the water should be changed regularly.
  • Not suitable for use in shrimp breeding tanks.
  • Keep out of reach of children.