EXAQUA Photometer PRO3 Water Plant Set

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The set for the measurement of basic parameters in freshwater aquariums with plants, garden ponds and hydroponic cultivations.

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Quick and comfortable control for proper growth of water plants.

The set contains photometer and all necessary reagents for the measurement of basic parameters in freshwater aquariums with plantsgarden ponds and hydroponic cultivations. Suitable also as a study aid in eco-education. Allows to control the most important water parameters for proper grow and conditions of aquatic plants. The set contains the Exaqua photometer, reagents and all required accessories to perform an immediate measurement.

All components are safely placed in well-fitted slots made out of resistant foam, thus preventing their displacement during transport regardless of the case position. At the same time, the user has the possibility to organize, chose and use the reagents in a very easy way.

Inside the set

Water Plant Set:

(8 parameters / 10 methods)

    portable multiwavelength photometer with:
    – USB cable with power adaptor
    – instruction manual
  • Licences
    – Exaqua Basic
    – Exaqua Exatitr
  • pH 4.5-9.0 (method Z050F)
    – reagent pH 4.5-9.0
  • Alkalinity KH (method Z010F)
    – reagent KH
    – 1 ml syringe
  • Nitrate NO3 high/low (method Z210H/L)
    – reagent NO3-1
    – reagent NO3-3
    – powder reagent NO3-2
    – spatula
    – 1 ml syringe
  • Phosphate PO4 fresh (method Z240F)
    – reagent PO4-1
    – powder reagent PO4-2
    – spatula
  • Iron Fe (method Z410)
    – powder reagent Fe
    – spatula
  • Potassium high/low (method Z450H/L)
    – powder reagent K
    – spatula
    – 1 ml syringe
  • Calcium Ca fresh (method Z472)
    – reagent Ca-1
    – reagent Ca-3
    – powder reagent Ca-2
    – spatula
    – 1 ml syringe with tip
    – vial with hole cap
  • Magnesium Mg fresh (method Z473)
    – reagent Mg-1
    – reagent Mg-2
    – 1 ml syringe with tip
    – viaI with hole cap
  • Additional accessories:
    – viaIs with caps -4 pcs.
    – 5 ml syringe
    – cleaning cloth
    – deionized water 100 ml