AQUAEL LEDDY Tube 14W Sunny Day & Night

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Aquael Leddy Tube Sunny Day & Night 2.0 lighting module designed to illuminate freshwater aquariums, which simulates the natural, diurnal cycle of light - morning, day and night. The light perfectly conveys the colours of the fish and stimulates the growth of plants. It is characterized by low energy consumption, very strong luminous flux and high colour rendering index.

AQUAEL LEDDY Tube 14W Sunny Day & Night AQUAEL LEDDY Tube 14W Sunny Day & Night
$143.00 $135.00
AQUAEL Adapter Retrofit For Leddy Tube T5/T8 AQUAEL Adapter Retrofit For Leddy Tube T5/T8
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AQUAEL Leddy Tube Sunny Day & Night 2.0 contains carefully selected LEDs that ensure perfect illumination of the aquarium, guaranteeing excellent living conditions for its inhabitants. Thanks to the use of T5/T8 accessory adapters, it can also be installed in any cover or lamp dedicated to traditional aquarium fluorescent lamps. The accessory DUBLED hanger allows you to add an additional module to the lamp or cover and thus increase the illumination of the tank.

The LEDDY TUBE SUNNY D&N LED module is equipped with Day & Night function. It works in three operating modes: DAY / DAYBREAK / NIGHT.

DAY is the basic and most powerful light to illuminate the aquarium during the day. DAYBREAK is a reduced daylight power of up to 50% plus blue light. It works well as the first mode after the night and when feeding fish – especially if you have a skittish stock.
NIGHT is a blue glow that allows you to uniquely observe the aquarium after dark, including fish and nocturnal animals.

Day & Night lighting will beautifully expose the arrangement in the aquarium both during the day and at night, and will also make the interior of the room in which the tank is located more cosy. Changing the DAY / DAYBREAK / NIGHT operating mode occurs after switching the module off and on with the switch in no more than 5 seconds. Switching directly to DAY mode takes place after turning off the module for more than 5 seconds and turning it back on. It is best to automate this process using a modern aquarium controller SOCKET DUO (offered separately).

LEDs installed in the LEDDY TUBE SUNNY D&N module emit light with a colour temperature of 7000 K. This ensures good conditions for aquarium plants and guarantees faithful reproduction of colours of all inhabitants of the aquarium.