LIGHTGROUND RGB Light Screen 90x45cm

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The Lightground Light Screen RGB is a LED illuminated colourful background for aquariums.

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The Lightground RGB Light Screen aquarium panel is an LED screen that evenly illuminates the rear aquarium glass with gradient effects. 

This feature allows spectacularly designed aquascapes to be staged even better.

Thanks to the two independent sections of RGB strips, we can control the lower and upper parts of the panel independently to obtain a wide range of gradients. Although it is an RGB screen it also can shine white.

Control is done through an application on the phone (Tuya / Smart Life), which allows you to create schedules and set up various lighting effects.

Technical specification

  • Light source - High power RGB led strip. (21W/1m)
  • Independent control of two LED strips (top / bottom)
  • Two RGB controllers included
  • Option to enable only a white background
  • Supply voltage – 12V
  • Frame width from the front - 10mm
  • Product thickness – 18.5mm

App control - Smart Life or Tuya

Smart LifeTuya