Rotala wallichii 'Red Pine' - Immersed Potted Aquarium Plant

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Rotala wallichii, often known as the "Whorly Rotala" or "Chinese Rotala", in New Zealand as a "Red Pine" is an exquisite and delicate aquatic plant valued for its intricate foliage and vibrant colours. Belonging to the Lythraceae family, this species is a favourite among aquarists for its graceful appearance and the ability to add a touch of elegance to freshwater aquariums. Rotala wallichii is particularly prized in aquascaping for its fine, needle-like leaves and the striking visual interest it brings to underwater landscapes.

Physical Characteristics:

  1. Leaf Structure: The leaves of Rotala wallichii are narrow, needle-like, and arranged in whorls along the stem. The color can vary from green to shades of red or pink, with the intensity influenced by factors such as lighting and nutrient levels.

  2. Growth Form: This plant is characterized by its delicate and fine stems that grow vertically in an intricate pattern. Under optimal conditions, Rotala wallichii can develop dense and lush clusters of foliage, creating a visually striking and captivating display.

  3. Stem Structure: The stems of Rotala wallichii are thin and fragile, allowing for a graceful and swaying motion in the water. The plant's delicate structure adds to its overall charm and aesthetic appeal.

Aquarium Requirements:

  1. Lighting: Rotala wallichii thrives in high lighting conditions. Adequate light is crucial for promoting healthy growth and encouraging the development of vibrant colours, especially red or pink hues.

  2. Substrate: A nutrient-rich substrate is beneficial for this plant, as it absorbs nutrients through its roots. Additionally, the use of root tabs or liquid fertilizers can support its growth and coloration.

  3. CO2 Injection: The addition of carbon dioxide (CO2) can enhance the growth and colour intensity of Rotala wallichii, particularly in setups with higher lighting. However, it can be cultivated without CO2 injection in lower-tech tanks.

  4. Water Parameters: Maintain water conditions within a pH range of 6.0 to 7.5 and a water hardness level of soft to moderately hard. The temperature should ideally be between 22 to 28°C.

Propagation: Rotala wallichii is propagated through cuttings. Trim the tops of healthy stems and replant them in the substrate. Regular pruning encourages lateral growth and helps maintain the plant's shape.

Maintenance: Due to its delicate nature, Rotala wallichii requires careful handling during maintenance. Regular pruning is essential to control the height and density of the plant. Removal of older or discoloured leaves promotes the development of new, vibrant growth.

Aquascaping Use: Rotala wallichii is a popular choice for midground and background placements in aquascaping layouts. Its fine and whorled leaves add a sense of intricacy and sophistication to the aquarium, creating a visually captivating underwater scene.

Challenges: Maintaining the vibrant colours of Rotala wallichii may require attention to lighting and nutrient levels. Inadequate light or nutrient deficiencies can lead to subdued colours and slower growth.

Rotala wallichii 'Red Pine' is a captivating and elegant addition to freshwater aquariums, prized for its fine foliage and intricate growth pattern. Its delicate structure and vibrant colours make it a valuable asset for aquascaping projects. By providing the appropriate care and conditions, aquarists can enjoy the graceful beauty and visual allure that Rotala wallichii brings to their aquatic displays.