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Skylight AQI Intense is a series of RGB aquarium lamps with innovative spectral characteristics, unique design and intense colours.

> Elegant luminaire
> 4 colour aspects
> Ideal for beginners and advanced aquascapes
> Great for biotope tanks
> Deep fish coloration
> Acrylic stand included
> 3 different sizes

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The SKYLIGHT AQI Intense series lamps produce vivid colours, and their spectral emission is characteristic for RGB lamps. What is unique and innovative about this RGB aquarium light is the broadening of the spectrum with deep and far red.

Far-red light deeply penetrates plant tissue allowing shaded parts of plants to photosynthesize too. This allows for the appropriate activation of phytochromes in the Pr and Pfr stages.

In contrast to the vast majority of RGB lamps, SKYLIGHT AQI Intense lights generate light reflections similar to those appearing when HQI lamps are used.

Laser-cut lamp casing looks quite different to the constructions based on side-sealed aluminium profiles. The casing finish is achieved with a double layer of protective coating in metallic anthracite - gun metal colour. The external dimmer allows light output adjustment to the different demands of cultivated plants. Due to the 2-channel construction, the colour temperature may also be adjusted to fit user aesthetic expectations.

With the addition of AQCT-3 module the lamp can be easy controlled and programmed through the home WIFI network.

As a result, the Intense series will please beginner and the advanced owner of a nature planted aquarium but is also adjustable to different biotope projects.

> Additional hanging kit (sold separately) 
> Additional Wi-Fi controller (sold separately)

Additional Info

Colour temperature 5 - 15K 5 - 15K 5 - 15K
Luminous flux 1.800 Lumen 3.600 Lumen 5.400 Lumen
Power [W] 24 48 72
PPF Blue 400 - 499 nm 11.49 µmol/s 22.98 µmol/s 34.47 µmol/s
PPF Green 500 - 599 nm 9.35 µmol/s 18.70 µmol/s 28.05 µmol/s
PPF Red 600 - 700 nm 8.52 µmol/s 17.04 µmol/s 25.56 µmol/s
PPF IR >700 nm 4.30 µmol/s 8.60 µmol/s 12.90 µmol/s
PPF Total 400 - 700 nm 29.36 µmol/s 58.72 µmol/s 88.08 µmol/s
Photosynthetic efficiency 1.22 µmol/J 1.22 µmol/J 1.22 µmol/J
Dimentions [L x W x H] [mm] 360 x 100 x 17 570 x 120 x 17 780 x 150 x 17
Suitable tank size [mm] 350 - 450 600 - 700 800 - 900
Height of complete light [mm] 80 120 120
Cable length [m] 1.5 1.5 1.5