SKYLIGHT Hyperspot Reef L

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SKYLIGHT HYPERSPOT R is a series of LED aquarium lights designed for deep and high reef aquariums.

HYPERSPOT lamps are manufactured in 3 sizes. They are equipped with a suspension kit and a built-in WiFi controller.

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With the help of reflectors the SKYLIGHT HYPERSPOT lamps direct almost all available light into the aquarium. Modules with integrated led matrix provide excellent color mixing, thereby preventing the disco effect (the disco effect occurs when the color mixing is insufficient, which causes interference in the perception of uniform colors, such as purple flashes on yellow fish). They also make the colors of the observed aquarium inhabitants vivid and intense.

There is no need for additional covers – observe your aquarium without being blinded. Glare is kept to a minimum, 360 degrees around the lamp.

In contrast to the vast majority of LED lamps, SKYLIGHT HYPERSPOT lights generate light reflections similar to those appearing, when HQI lamps are used.

Thanks to the built-in WiFi controller, the HYPERSPOT R series lamps allow you to adjust the light output to suit your current needs, including setting night lighting.

Thanks to the multi-channel design, both color temperature and white balance can be widely adjusted to better suit the needs of corals and the aesthetic expectations of the user.

The use of a heat sink with a large enough surface area provides sufficient cooling without the use of potentially noisy and relatively unreliable fans.

The Hyperspot lamps come with a suspension kit, but a range of brackets are available as accessories.

Invest in the Skylight Hyperspot and take your freshwater aquarium to the next level of beauty and sophistication.