TROPICA Glossostigma elatinoides

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1-2-Grow In-Vitro Plants

Free of snails and algae aquarium plant from tissue culture delivered in sealed cup.

> New Zealand native plant
> Popular, fast-growing and very pretty carpeting plant
> Requires intense light and CO2 addition to thrive
> Frequent trimming is necessary due to the fast growth

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Glossostigma elatinoides from New Zealand is especially in demand in Japanese-inspired aquariums.

It is one of the smallest aquarium plants (2-3 cm tall) and, thus, a good foreground plant.
A difficult plant demands a lot of light. Grows upwards if the light is poor. Make sure larger plants do not overshadow it.

When planting in the aquarium, small clumps (approx. 1/8 cup) should be placed at intervals of a few centimetres to help the plants grow together more quickly.

CO2 addition and soft water promote growth significantly.

How to plant

Plants with great success!

Tissue Cultures are very young plants cultivated and delivered directly from the laboratory. The plants are guaranteed to be free from snails, algae and pesticides and, therefore, are harmless for sensitive shrimp and fish.

Success with your aquarium depends largely on the proper plant choice. In a Tissue Culture cup, you are getting many plants that can be divided into small portions and cover a larger area. Plants are compact from the start, so you will experience dense and beautiful growth if you give them the right fertiliser and CO2!

  • Carefully take the plant out of the cup and rinse off the growing media.
  • To prevent mildew and algae, rinse with chlorine-free water.
  • Split the plant into 6-8 portions using your fingers or scissors (for small foreground plants).
  • Plant portions into the substrate using tweezers.
Then watch them grow!

Plant Info

Country or continent where a plant is the most common. Cultivars arise or are bred in cultivation.

Growth Rate
Growth rate of the plant compared to other aquatic plants.

Average height (cm) of the plant after two months in the tank.

Light Demand
The average or medium light demand of an aquarium plant is 0.5 W/L.

CO2 Demand
A medium need in CO2 is 6-14 mg/L. A high demand in CO2 is approx. 15-25 mg/L.