WIO AquaGrow InsulaPad Set

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AquaGrow InsulaPads, all-in-one versatile and flexible containers, offer the perfect substrate mix for the healthy growth of aquatic and marsh plants. Experience the freedom to place plants anywhere without mixing cosmetic substrates and aqua soils. Create sophisticated planted islands with ease and maintain plants effortlessly. InsulaPads blend seamlessly into any environment when covered with riverbeds, substrates, cosmetic sand, or gravel, providing optimal plant growth conditions.

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A groundbreaking, patented solution designed to simplify and elevate aquatic and marsh plant growth. AquaGrow InsulaPads are all-in-one, versatile, and flexible containers filled with the ideal substrate mix to ensure the healthy development of aquatic and marsh plants.

With the unique features of InsulaPads, you can easily create elegant, planted landscapes by forming plant islands wherever you desire. The pads keep plants contained, simplifying maintenance and avoiding unexpected plant mixing.

InsulaPads boast unmatched versatility and flexibility, enabling you to form plant islands and effortlessly reposition your plants by moving the pads. This feature allows for easy experimentation with various layouts and designs and simplifies plant relocation during aquarium or paludarium maintenance or redecoration.

Create sophisticated plant scapes without worrying about substrate mixing or difficult maintenance. The pads disappear visually into the environment, as you can cover them with any riverbed, substrate, cosmetic sand, or gravel while providing optimal plant growth conditions. Over time, the plant roots will integrate with the AquaGrow Pads, forming a unified and cohesive growing environment for optimal plant health, stability and freedom of maintenance and relocation.

AquaGrow InsulaPads are perfect for everyone, from novices to professional aquarists, seeking an innovative, user-friendly solution that opens a new world of scaping possibilities.

  • All-in-one: Versatile and flexible containers designed for aquatic and marsh plant growth. 
  • Perfect Substrate Mix: Provides nutrients for healthy plant growth without additional additives or mixing. 
  • Easy Plant Positioning: Freedom to place plants anywhere in the aquarium or paludarium without mixing cosmetic substrates and aqua soils. 
  • Sophisticated Plant Scapes: Create planted islands with total freedom and experiment with various layouts and designs. 
  • Easy Maintenance: Contain plants within the pads for effortless maintenance and prevent unexpected plant mixing. 
  • Seamless Integration: Pads visually disappear into the environment when covered with riverbeds, substrates, cosmetic sand, or gravel. 
  • Suitable for All Skill Levels: Ideal for novices and professional aquarists seeking innovative, user-friendly planted scaping solutions.

- Colour: Black
- Materials: Durable, non-toxic textile filled with a mix of plant substrates
- Plant Substrate: Tailored mix specifically for aquatic and marsh plants.

- Set include:
1x XS: 7x5cm
1x S: 10x7cm
1x M:15x10 cm


Submerge InsulaPad:
Begin by submerging the AquaGrow InsulaPad in water until they become waterlogged, allowing them to sink and stay in place. Place the waterlogged InsulaPad on a tray or desired surface for planting.

Make Holes:
Using a pencil point, create holes in the InsulaPad where you want to plant, adjusting the hole size according to the plant root size.

Plant the Plants:
Utilize standard pinsetters to plant the plants in the holes, allowing them to grow in the AquaGrow medium.

Glue the Plants (optional):
If desired, glue the plants onto the InsulaPad, enabling the development of epiphytic roots that penetrate the bag to access the substrate mix media.

Determine the Location:
InsulaPad can be positioned on any surface and in any direction, including horizontal, vertical, half-turn, bend, or any other creative configuration.

Place the InsulaPad:
Position the InsulaPad on your chosen surface, such as glass, Landforms, rocks, wood, or any other desired surface.

Cover the InsulaPad:
Cover the InsulaPad with cosmetic sand, gravel, riverbeds, wetlands, or other suitable materials to make it invisible.

Create Your Aquascape:
Enjoy the freedom to easily design beautiful and healthy aquascapes, experimenting with different layouts and designs while your plants thrive in InsulaPad's unique substrate mix media.

Over time, the plant roots will integrate with the AquaGrow InsulaPad, forming a unified and cohesive growing environment for optimal plant health and stability.