YOKUCHI Ganban Power Base Substrate 6L

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Yokuchi Ganban Power Base is a high-quality substrate for aquatic plants. For use under gravel or other substrates. The richness of minerals makes it a long-lasting source of nutrients for plants in a freshwater tank. Completely natural.

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Yokuchi Ganban Power Base is a carefully selected blend of natural ingredients of volcanic and organic origin. The Ganban Power Base structure is characterised by many pores enabling the multiplication of microorganisms responsible for water purification. It also improves the transport of nutrients to the deeper layers of the substrate. It makes it easier to start the aquarium and stabilise the water parameters by absorbing harmful substances in the initial stage of the tank's operation. It contains organic substances that undergo processes of mineralisation and humification over time. Thanks to this, they provide the roots with constant access to nutrients. The unique structure of the substrate supports the development of the root system of aquarium plants. The minerals they release support the healthy development of flora in the aquarium. Yokuchi Ganban Power Base also contains an organic substance rich in bio-stimulants that stimulate plants to grow.

Yokuchi Ganban Power Base supports plant growth and acts as an additional biological filter. It delicately lowers hardness and acidifies the water, which makes it easier for plants to take up nutrients. At the same time, it shows an ion-exchange effect. The product used in freshwater aquariums is 100% safe for fish and other aquatic organisms.

  • The sub-gravel substrate supports the development and growth of plants
  • Made of natural, volcanic-origin materials
  • Dedicated to freshwater plant aquariums
  • Nourishes the roots of plants
  • Supports the growth of nitrifying bacteria
  • Safe for fish and other aquatic organisms
How to use

The substrate is ready to use; you don't have to and even shouldn't rinse it. It is enough to pour the bag's contents directly on the aquarium's bottom. While doing so, leave a distance of 2-3 cm from the windshield and side windows. This way, you will maintain the substrate's uniform colour and improve the tank's aesthetics. Cover the prepared substrate with a 4-5 cm layer of Yokuchi Jiban Soil active substrate. The Ganban Power layer should be at least 2-3 cm. You can also use gravel or other sterile decorative substrates.

  • Pour the substrate onto the bottom of the newly set-up tank.
  • Keep a distance of 2-3 cm from the side windows.
  • Cover 4-5 cm with a layer of gravel or Yokuchi Jiban Soil active substrate.
  • Moisten the substrate.
  • Plant the plants.
  • Carefully fill the aquarium with water without disturbing the substrate.