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Yokuchi Jiban Soil is an active substrate intended for the cultivation of aquarium plants. It stabilizes water parameters in freshwater aquariums. Supports healthy plant growth by releasing nutrients for a long time. It is a habitat for nitrifying bacteria.

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The basis for keeping a planted aquarium is proper fertilisation. The installation of CO2 and light are factors that strongly support plant development. However, the substrate for the roots should not be forgotten. A good quality active substrate will accelerate plants' healthy growth and allow easier tank management.

  • Black substrate for a plant aquarium
  • Made of natural raw materials
  • Supports the growth and healthy development of plants
  • It lowers hardness and makes the water slightly acidic
  • Supports the biological balance of the tank
  • It is a habitat for nitrifying bacteria

  • Yokuchi Jiban Soil is an active substrate for freshwater aquariums. Specialists in chemistry, biology and environmental engineering participated in its creation. Only high-quality raw materials of natural origin were used for the production of Jiban Soil. The Yokuchi substrate is dedicated to high-tech plant aquariums equipped with intense lighting and CO2 installation.
    The unique production process allowed for preserving the all-natural properties of the substrates used. Thanks to the revolutionary technology of forming and sintering, a homogeneous, porous structure was created, which is an ideal environment for developing the plant root system. It also provides an excellent habitat for beneficial bacterial flora. Thanks to this, a unique symbiosis of microorganisms and higher plants is created.

    Yokuchi Jiban Soil gradually releases nutrients and biostimulants needed by plants, which allows the proper growth and development of plants rooted in it for a long time. It has a sorption capacity, absorbs excess ingredients from the water column, and then releases them directly to the roots. An additional advantage of the substrate is the ion exchange properties, which perfectly stabilize the water parameters. The substrate lowers the general and carbonate hardness. It corrects the pH, thus creating an ideal environment for breeding plants and tropical fish from soft water biotopes with a slightly acidic pH. Its black colour beautifully highlights the colours of fish and plants.


    How to use?

    The substrate is ready to use; you don't have to and even shouldn't rinse it. All you have to do is spread the contents of the package on the bottom of the newly set up aquarium. Ideally, its layer should be at least 6 cm. Before planting, the substrate should be moistened with plenty of water and left for about 30-45 minutes. When the substrate is soaked with water, you can start planting.

    • In a freshly flooded aquarium, the nitrogen cycle does not work properly; therefore, frequent water changes are necessary. For the first 4 weeks, they should be 25-50% twice a week.
    • The substrate can be used in aquariums filled with tap water with a total hardness not exceeding 20dH; however, it must be taken into account that it will quickly lose its ion exchange properties.
    • Using RO water with the addition of a mineralizer, such as Yokuchi Ishiko Plant mineral, will allow you to maintain the correct parameters for a long time.
    • It is recommended to avoid mixing the substrate with other substrates. If you want to extend the life of Yokuchi Jiban Soil, use Yokuchi Ganban Power Base as a foundation.