ZOOLEK Aqua Test CO2

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Aquatest CO2 is used for accurate and fast measurement of the dioxide carbon concentration in water.

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ZOOLEK Aqua Test CO2 is used for accurate and fast measurement of the dioxide carbon concentration in water. The method is based on titration, i.e. the reagent should be added drop by drop to the measured water sample until the proper colour change is obtained per the chart attached. Measurement results are read in mg/l.

Why measure the content of carbon dioxide?
Carbon dioxide is a gas with good water solubility. Since carbon dioxide is used by plants in the process of photosynthesis, measuring its content in aquariums with vegetation is of considerable importance. Carbon dioxide content in aquarium water below acceptable levels may adversely affect plant growth, but on the other hand, its elevated concentration poses the danger to fish. The optimal concentration of carbon dioxide dissolved in water should be kept in the range of 15 – 30 mg/l. In the case of using the external source of CO2, it is necessary to ensure the suitable level of oxygen dissolved in water. Otherwise, animals inhabiting an aquarium may suffer from an oxygen deficiency. If CO2 fertilization is not applied, neither gas cylinder connected to a flow filter nor yeast-generated CO2 system, an elevated CO2 level shouldn’t be expected in an aquarium with suitable aeration.

How to control the content of carbon dioxide?
Regular control of carbon dioxide concentration in aquarium water by the aid of CO2 Aquatest is recommended. In the case of elevated CO2 level, it is advisable to limit CO2 supply and enhance efficiency of water aeration.
Inside The Set

  • bottle with reagent 1
  • bottle with reagent 2 (2 pcs.)
  • syringe
  • test tube
  • directions for use
  • colour chart