ZOOLEK Aqua Test K

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Aquatest K is used to determine potassium ions concentration in freshwater in the range of 3 – 125 mg/l.

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ZOOLEK Aqua Test K is used to determine potassium ions concentration in freshwater in the range of 3 – 125 mg/l. Simple measurement is carried out by adding one spoon of the reagent into a sample and then shaking the test tube until the turbidity of the solution is observed. It is the indication of the reaction between the ions of potassium present in the sample with the reagent included in Aquatest. Specific information about measurement and interpretation of results can be found in the attached directions for use.

Why measure potassium concentration?
Apart from nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium plays an important role in ensuring the proper growth of plants. While nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in fish tanks stay usually at adequate or even elevated levels, keeping desirable potassium level requires its supplementation and regular control. Plants deficient in potassium become yellow and holes appear in their leaves over time. For majority of plants, an adequate concentration of potassium in water is 10 – 20 ppm, and its depletion is largely dependent on quantities and growth rates of plants. Although a high level of potassium in water is not toxic, it may contribute to impaired uptake of other important elements. It is therefore required to use potassium supplements with care.

How to control potassium content?
Regular control of the content of potassium in aquarium water by the aid of Aquatest K is recommended. In the case of elevated potassium levels, a partial water change is advisable.
Inside The Set

  • powder reagent
  • deionized water
  • spatula
  • 2 plastic test tubes
  • syringe
  • pipette
  • graphic instruction
  • directions for use