WIO Mere Riverbed 2kg

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Inspired by the delta's river basins like the Pool Malebo in Congo, Africa, Mere brings an organic, warm, and attractive dynamic to your aquarium display. Its unique combination of yellow-ochre colours of sand, gravel, and twigs creates a very warm impression, perfect for mimicking the habitats of deltas, lakes, and lagoons.

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WIO Mere substrate is a unique concept designed to inspire nature artists. It is inspired by the mellow sands and forest debris found in the mighty Pool Malebo of the Congo River in Africa. This substrate is perfect for mimicking the habitats of deltas, lakes, and lagoons, where currents and floods have deposited organic material.

Imagine a vast delta basin where a mighty river flows and meanders through lush tropical forests, carrying a rich mixture of sand, gravel, and organic material. As the river slows and approaches the delta, the current becomes weaker, and the materials carried by the river begin to settle on the Riverbed. Over time, the organic material decomposes, creating a rich substrate perfect for a wide range of aquatic plants and animals.

Inspired by these dynamic and complex ecosystems, our Mere substrate brings the warm, earthy tones of the Congo River delta to your aquarium. The unique combination of yellow-ochre sands, gravels, and twigs creates a rich and engaging substrate that is perfect for recreating the unique habitats of deltas, lakes, and lagoons.

With a size mix ranging from 0.1 to 40cm, the Mere substrate is suitable for any aquarium design. Whether you want to create a natural-looking biotope or a more structured aquascape, the Mere substrate is versatile enough to meet your needs.

And because our Mere substrate is made from 100% natural materials, you can be sure it is safe for your aquarium inhabitants. Unlike some artificial substrates, our product contains no harmful chemicals or toxins that could harm your fish or plants.

To create a warm, organic atmosphere in your aquarium, look no further than our Mere substrate. With its unique combination of colours and materials, it is sure to inspire and delight nature lovers and aquarium enthusiasts alike.

  • Inspired by the delta's river basins like the Pool Malebo in Congo, Africa. 
  • Unique combination of yellow-ochre colours of sand, gravel, and twigs. 
  • Perfect for mimicking the habitats of deltas, lakes, and lagoons. 
  • Organic, warm, and interesting dynamic to your aquarium display. 

Riverbed substrates are suitable for any aquarium or terrarium design and provide a unique and natural touch to your aquatic environment.
They can be used as a standalone substrate or mixed with other sands, gravels or biotope beds.
Perfect for aquascape detailing.
Made with 100% natural, non-toxic materials.

- Colour: Yellow ochre.
- Material: Sands, gravels, and twigs
- Size mix: 0.1-20mm.
- Materials: Non-toxic and all-natural sand, gravel, and twigs.
- Water hardness: Slightly affects water hardness.


- Pre-washed for your convenience and can be used without rinse.
- You can gently pass a net over the water's surface to remove floating particles.
- The arbitrary distribution of the bag content creates a natural Riverbed impression with random densities and content mix, resulting in an easy, fun, and impressive way to create an authentic slice of nature.
- These Riverbeds are suitable for everyone, from the newbie to the professional nature creator, and can be used to achieve outstanding results.
- You don't need any special skills or tools to manipulate and spread the Riverbed in your aquarium or terrarium, making it an accessible and non-invasive way to enhance the natural look of your aquatic or terrestrial environment.
- Riverbeds are made from 100% natural and non-toxic materials.
- Safe for fish, shrimps, and other aquatic animals.

The innovative solution that redefines the way we create captivating and natural aquatic environments. Gone are the days of ordinary substrates and generic designs – with Riverbeds, you can transform your aquarium or terrarium into an authentic river ecosystem. Inspired by the diverse and enchanting landscapes found in rivers, streams, and lakes around the world, Riverbeds are carefully curated substrates that mimic the beauty and authenticity of riverbeds. Each Riverbed is a work of art thoughtfully designed to bring the essence of nature into your aquatic display.

Imagine the serenity of a tranquil forest stream, the vibrancy of a tropical river, or the mystique of a rocky mountain brook. Riverbeds allow you to recreate these captivating environments with ease and precision. With a wide range of options, you can select the perfect Riverbed that matches your vision and creates the ideal backdrop for your aquatic world.

Our Riverbeds are crafted using various natural materials such as sand, gravel, stones, shells, and botanicals. These elements combine to create a harmonious composition that mimics real riverbeds' texture, colour, and diversity. The result is a visually stunning and biologically enriching environment that promotes the health and well-being of your aquatic inhabitants.

With WIO Sands, Gravels and Riverbeds the possibilities for creating a unique and beautiful natural environment are endless.

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